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Madi Parpalea
Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Buna, etc.
Welcome to my website. I am Madi (the one in the picture on the right).
For the time being, it consists only of this page that you are visiting.
Have a look around and feel free to reach out to me.

Experience Summary
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Financial Management
  • Change Management
  • Contract Management
  • SLA Management
  • SSO
  • SAP
  • Sensitive data
  • Pivots
  • Working in multiple languages

  • Experience Highlights
  • iCover - International Vendor Management (including Contract and Financial Management)
  • Spotify (through Sutherland GS) - International Client Consultance
  • IBM (through Inaxio GmbH) - International Project Management (including Financial, SSO and Change Management)
  • Aplast - International B2B Sales
  • Media Service Zawada - Translations, Copywriting

  • Selected Works
  • Lucky (original comic - English)
  • Valurile Vietii (fan fiction - Romanian)

  • Languages
    Romanian (native - spoken and written occasionally at work)
    English (spoken and written daily at work)
    French (spoken and written daily at work)
    German (spoken and written frequently at work)

    Strong Suits
  • Generating and interpreting financial forecasts and other statistics, including ad-hoc, cost and revenue summaries, book keeping, tracking reports and other trackers.
  • B2B sales and sourcing, hosting and organising B2B presentation visits on company premises, CRM (SalesForce, Jira, etc.), negotiation, sourcing, purchasing.
  • Process creation and continuous improvement, training colleagues, collaborators and clients.
  • Translations, writing, proofreading, research, basic coding and graphics, other administrative tasks.

  • Soft Skills
    Good listener, technical oriented, quick troubleshooting, problem-solving and decision making, fast learner, understands basic project management methods and environment (Project Management Orientation, Project Management Fundamentals and other classes), time management, professional tone within B2B settings or with C-level colleagues and collaborators, meeting tight deadlines with varying priorities, following process guidelines, continuously seeking out areas of improvement, reporting, statistics, attention to detail.

    Hard Skills
    Various Office-type suites (Microsoft, Google, Smartsheets), spreadsheet pivots including 10K+ rows, website/shop/blogging/IM platforms (Livejournal, Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, Shine, iAdvize, Pidgin, Salesforce, Jira, HighRise, BaseCamp, Sereneo, Skype, Hangouts, others), basic coding (HTML, XML, CSS), basic Flash, basic Linux, webdesign, image, video and sound processing tools, Avaya, Cisco, SAP, various email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes) and browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera). Most of the above have been used during previous positions, side projects or personal use.

    Languages, singing, dancing, reading, painting, drawing, webdesign, animals, plants, rocks, humour, badminton, darts and flowcharts. Often nostalgic about the '90s and other decades that I didn't get to see.


    Selected Testimonials
    Madalina is a dedicated professional who is constantly striving to achieve perfection in every aspect of her work. No matter the obstacles that she faces, Madalina will always do her best and make sure that her work is as detailed as possible before sharing it with the others. Moreover, she will surprise you through her perseverance and endurance when it comes to tackling new projects. (...)

    Vlad Z. (IBM)

    Madalina is ambitious, organized and very committed to her work. I always appreciated her professional attitude as well - she is definitely a team player to work with. Also, embraces an attitude which is about "nothing is impossible", while keeping a professional approach and always delivering quality on time. (...)

    Simona I. (IBM)

    Madalina is one of the smartest and most interesting persons I have ever met. Despite her very young age she is capable of handling very though tasks that could put much older people in difficulty and she can deliver the best performance in the shortest possible time. She proved a remarkable ability and willingness to learn new things, new processes and how to best put to use her skills for the benefit of the department and the company as a whole. Not only that she had a very short learning curve on all the operational processes and procedures, but she also showed determination, perseverance and a very profound attention to details, as she came with suggestions for improvement whenever she had an idea on how things could be done better. (...)

    Lucian S. (Telus International)

    Madalina is an amazing worker. Excellent multi-language capability that makes her really versatile, great attitude and motivation. She is a fast learner, who can do very difficult tasks. It is a pleasure to work with her!

    Raluca D. (Cycleon Recare)

    Disclaimer: This personal website is owned, created and maintained by me. The website showcases, but is not limited to the professional aspect of my life. None of the text, images, coding or other content on this website is associated with any of my current nor past employers, collaborators, clients, mentors, colleagues or other business partners, nor does it reflect any of their views (apart from the Testimonials) and does not bring them nor me any kind of profit. This website does not use nor store cookies or any other visitor information, at least not with my knowledge. All external links on this website lead to legal safe for work content (freeware, abandonware, shareware/trial or demo).

    © Madi Parpalea 2015 - present (except Windows graphics and logos)

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